Why EmptyTonerBuyer.com?

  • We typically pay more for your empties than empty brokers.
  • We purchase a wider range of empty toner cartridges than any company in our industry. We need many specialty cartridges as well as the more common cartridges.
  • We pay FAST! You will be paid within 30 days on receipt of your shipment.
  • We don't buy just virgin cartridges. We also buy many non-virgin cartridges.‚Äč

Sell Empty Toners To Us

EmptyTonerBuyer.com is the empty toner cartridge collection arm of Laser Image Plus, a 25 year STMC-certified toner cartridge remanufacturing company. The empty toner cartridges we collect are used in our manufacturing facility.

If you have empty toner cartridges...