About EmptyTonerBuyer.com

EmptyTonerBuyer.com is the empty toner cartridge collection arm of Laser Image Plus, a 25 year STMC-certified toner cartridge remanufacturing company located in Costa Mesa, CA. The empty toner cartridges we collect are used in our manufacturing facility. This enables us to typically pay more for your empty toner cartridges and drum units than empty brokers.

If you have empty toner cartridges, EmptyTonerBuyer.com will pay you top dollar for them. And we don't just buy HP, Brother and Lexmark toner cartridges. We manufacture the widest variety of toner cartridges in the U.S. That means we are looking for empties from nearly every laser printer manufacturer. And, unlike our competitors, we buy many "toner tubes". You won't be disappointed by calling us today and selling us your empty toner cartridges.